Client Feedback


Five stars aren’t nearly enough for this amazing team is doulas!!! Through my entire pregnancy they made me feel confident in my decisions. They made me feel empowered and secure. Having a full team of doulas was great because no matter what time of day I needed support someone was available. Claire,  and  are active in the community and were able to make great recommendations on things such chiropractic care and acupuncture. They were with me through out all of my 24+ hours of active labor. I love them so much and their support truly holds a very special spot in my heart and made my labor and delivery such a special experience.



There are no words for how amazing this team is!! , Claire and  are the most kind hearted, genuine and happy people I have met and I was more than willing to invite them into my birth space. Not only did I attend a childbirth class with  and  but at the end of pregnancy they knew I needed stress relief so Claire invited me to go to prenatal yoga with her and boy was it needed!! They were there physically and emotionally! Being my third baby I was looking for a specific birth experience and I was definitely able to achieve that with their guidance and advice. I highly recommend this team of duolas! I’m so happy with my experience, birth and decision!



When my wife and I were planning the birth of our daughter, our doctor mentioned that we may consider having a doula. Like most men, my first response was, What’s a doula? Little did I know that his simple suggestion would lead us to Team Doula, who gave us the knowledge and confidence to make our birth story one that we could tell with pride, even if it didn’t go exactly as we planned. , , and Claire were such an incredible resource as we explored our options and made informed decisions leading up to and throughout our long and arduous labor, and we are grateful to say that without their support, we definitely would have had a C-section. They were relentless in their commitment to helping us achieve our goals and helped me advocate for ourselves when things got challenging. I could not recommend them any more highly, and I am forever grateful that they are a part of our story and hope to hold onto them as a resource in parenthood and as friends!