Our Process

This beautiful birth photography was done by Gabriella Hunt http://www.gabriellahunt.com/



First Things First:

Many people choose to interview more than one doula before signing a contract. We’d be happy to interview with you! You can typically budget anywhere from 30-60 minutes for the interview, depending on the questions you have. This is a time for you ask anything that you think might help you to get to know us or understand our process better, which will hopefully aid in your decision making. All three of us will be there.


Great, we like you. Now what?

Now we sign a contract and schedule at least one prenatal meeting.


Prenatal Meetings:

These times are set aside for us to get to know you and your partner. We will ask lots of questions in order to understand your birth preferences and discuss the ways in which we can help you achieve your goals. We will also answer any questions you might have about your specific intentions or the childbirth process in general.


Team Doula:

From the time we sign a contract, we are available to you as a resource. You can call, text, or email us with any questions that you have or with updates from your doctor/midwife visits. When you are in labor, or think you may be in labor, or are not sure at all if you’re in labor…fear not! We will “triage” with you  (or your partner) over the phone intermittently, as the situation allows, and when you decide that you would benefit from extra support, one of us will come to you either at home or at the hospital. We have an on-call schedule, which we will provide you with. We work in 12-hour shifts and if one of us has been with you for that time, we may call in one of the other doulas to come and switch out at that time. This ensures that you’ll always have a doula that you’re familiar with and that is fresh and well-rested. Your doula will stay with you for about an hour or two after the baby is born, until you’re settled and initial breastfeeding is established.

More details here: When to call your doula


Post Partum:

The doula or doulas who attended your birth will plan to visit you sometime within the first few weeks of being home. The purpose is to check in, talk through your birth experience, and help with breastfeeding.


For the rest of your life:

We will probably friend you on Facebook so that we never really have to say goodbye and so that we can always see pictures of that sweet baby…if you’re the posting type. (It’s also cool if you don’t like friends.)


** Yes….birth photography is a thing! The above photo was taken by Gabriella Hunt. Check out all her work: http://www.gabriellahunt.com