Placenta Encapsulation

Q: Why would I want to ingest my placenta?

A: Your placenta contains natural hormones and nutrients that your body can use during the postpartum period.

Some potential benefits of placenta pills include:

  • replenishing depleted iron after birth (natural iron is much more readily usable for your body than synthetic iron)
  • boosting energy during the postpartum period
  • lessening postpartum bleeding
  • increasing milk production
  • helping to stabilize your mood by filling in hormonal gaps that happen after birth

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The preparation process:

We bring all of our own materials to prepare your placenta. We will need a counter, an outlet, and easy access to the kitchen sink. You are more than welcome to watch or ask questions throughout the two day encapsulation process.

Day 1: (About 2 hours)

On day one, we will clean your placenta and steam it with warming herbs (to 160 degrees).  Warming herbs are put in the steaming water, and do not come into direct contact with the placenta. After the placenta is steamed, we will thinly slice it and place it in the dehydrator.  The dehydrator will remain on at your home for about 8-10 hours

Day 2: (About 1 hour)

On day two, we will check to see if the placenta is properly dried (placenta will be brittle), we will then grind the placenta, and create the capsules using a capsule machine. We will then go over dosing instructions and answer any remaining questions you have.


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